About Us

Hero MinistriesHero ministries was started by two guys who don't understand why Christians and comic fans don't get along better. We all have hero's. Some will say their parents while others will say Superman or Iron Man. Our culture looks up to these hero's. Why? Because they are strong, smart, they embody what is right. There is one hero that embodies all of these traits and He paid the ultimate price for us. He is way bigger than a comic book or a movie can define. We are here to shine the light of the ultimate Hero -- Jesus Christ. 

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Greg Fields - is the founder and director of Hero Ministries. He grew up on Star Wars and comic books and started Hero Ministries after recognizing the need while attending large conventions. He has been heavily involved in men's ministry and recovery ministry at his local church for many years. 

Twitter: @HeroMinistries1

Email: greg@heroministries.org

Our Partners

Craig Batts - is the senior pastor of Cross Timbers Free Will Baptist Church in Nashville, TN.  Originally from eastern North Carolina, he is a graduate of Welch College in Nashville, TN with majors in pastoral ministry and Bible and has served in local church ministry as a staff member for 12 years .  Married for 11 years, he and his wife have five children.  Craig has been a member of the 501st Legion since 2010 and a member of the Rebel Legion since 2009.  He has served as the chaplain for Stephen Stanton's (voice-actor in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels, numerous Disney properties [The 7D, Disney Infinity, etc.], and numerous film and TV roles) Facebook group for several years.  Craig has helped to organize and deliver messages during worship services at numerous previous conventions all over the country.